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Virginia Resh - 2020 Mar (Google review - 5 Stars)

Master Boon shows great skill and it reflects in his teaching. He keeps my 6yr old focused and on task which can be challenging at times. He brings a sense of lightheartedness and kindness that emulates during his class. My son always enjoys going to class.

PH - 2019 Nov (Google review - 5 Stars)

(Translated by Google) I have always wanted to bring my own children to learn the traditional Chinese Kung Fu. I really want them to know the traditional Chinese philosophy of respecting teachers and martial arts.
I finally saw a newly opened Wing Chun Boxing Hall three months ago and I took two children to study. The first time I went in, I saw the method and concept of the teacher personally teaching the boxing. In addition to seeing the speed of the master Wing Chun, I also saw the flexibility of the master Taekwondo footwork and the fierceness of karate.

I have always been interested in Hunchun, but unfortunately it is not easy to learn in Vancouver, Canada. Really a rare fate, I also immediately learn from the teacher and learn from the spring!

(Original) 一直都很想帶自己小朋友去學習傳統既中國功夫,很想他們認識中國傳統尊師重道之理念和武德。



Lnovia - 2019 Aug (Google review - 5 Stars)

A very clean and beautiful gym. From the beginning, Mr. Boon cares about each of his students and is very dedicated to his art of Wing Chun, with some technique additions from karate and tae kwon do. Classes are also quite entertaining as Mr. Boon has a funny sense of humour. Everything he teaches there’s practicality to it, it is a learning journey of knowledge and skill that takes time to take shape. His niece, Miss Ming is also very kind and helpful. She has a beautiful painting studio next to the gym. Overall, a pleasant experience.


Troy Adam - 2019 Jun (Googld review - 5 Stars)

Sifu Boon teaches a modern take on Wing Chun with a almost Jeet Kune Do style philosophy of the right art for the right job. He uses his knowledge of Wing Chun, Taekwondo, American Boxing, Karate and Shaolin Kung Fu to help his students express themselves to reveal their strengths and shore up their weaknesses. Classes are fun and taught well with patience and even humor as needed. Facilities are quite nice with two wooden dummies and several punching bags on site to assist in training.

Michelle Zheng - 2019 Mar (Google review · 5 Stars)

He is a wonderful teacher to have with a very high achievement in Wing Chun, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do and Shaolin. He is very Passionate, easy going and patient, this creates an very enjoyable learning environment. The gym is very new, bright and all facilities are well organized.Since I have class with Mr. Boon, I feel my confidence has increase a lot and this would apply I many people of my life. I believe that learning martial arts in this workshop was good decision I made.

(Translated by Google) Boon Martial Arts is a great place for those interested in martial arts. The teaching master (Mr. Boon) is proficient in Hunchun, Taekwondo, Karate, Shaolin, while learning the spring of his hand. You can learn Taekwondo with your legs and develop your full potential. The master is also super good, humorous, and has rich teaching experience. The complicated boxing method can be easily understood through his practical demonstration. Moreover, the martial arts hall is big and new, and the facilities are new, giving me a very comfortable feeling. Of course, if you are not interested in martial arts, there is another option here. It is Ms. Ming's painting class. You can learn different painting techniques such as oil painting and sketching. It is the so-called combination of motion and static, cultivation of mind, exercise, and music. 

(Original) Boon Martial Arts 对于对武术感兴趣的人来说是一个很棒的去处,里面教学的师傅(Mr. Boon) 精通咏春,跆拳道,空手道,少林, 在学习到用手的咏春的同时,还可以学到用腿的跆拳道,全面开发身体潜能。师傅人也超级好,幽默风趣, 而且教学经验丰富,复杂的拳法通过他身体力行的示范能变得通俗易懂。而且,武馆又大又新, 设施也是新进的,给我的感觉非常舒服。当然,如果你对武术不感兴趣,这里你还有另外一个选择,就是Ms. Ming的绘画班,可以学习到油画,素描等不同的绘画技巧,正所谓动静结合,修炼心性,锻炼身体,何乐而不为?

Spencer Hargreaves - 2019 Feb (Google review - 5 stars)

Sifu Boon strikes the perfect balance between enjoyment and discipline in the practice of martial arts. Boon and Ming (who runs the Art Studio) are very nice and respectful. I always leave classes feeling better than I arrived. Classes focus on self-defense training through a variety of martial arts: Wing Chun, Taekwondo, Karate and Shaolin. Though a lot of the training based on practical application, there is also a healthy amount of studying movements. Boon leads students through a curriculum he develops for the particular group of students present in each class. As an experienced Guitar Teacher, I appreciate this method and relate it to teaching different styles of music to give the student a broad understanding of the art. Since beginning classes at Boon Martial Arts three months ago, I have an increase in balance, focus and ability with my body that ranges across many areas of my life (music, exercise, daily interactions with people). Since 2016, I had been on the lookout for a martial arts instructor. I had a gut feeling it was something I needed to develop but didn't know where to look. When I met Boon in 2018, his ability , poise and character impressed me, so I asked to sign up as soon as possible. I would strongly recommend the same to anyone.

Joel Wedgbury - 2019 Feb (Google review - 5 stars)

We were so excited when we found out Mr. Boon was opening his studio in our neighbourhood. Our son loves his weekly classes with his kung-fu's brothers and sisters. Mr. Boon is a wonderful teacher. He is very patient and has a great sense of humor. This studio is bright and clean and has a very comfy seating area. I would recommend Mr.Boon to anybody. Please come and support this local Port Coquitlam business.

Sherwin Dela Cruz - 2019 Jan (Google review - 5 stars)

The environment is fantastic, clean and the best thing about the school is they have reasonable price compared to the other martial arts school. Mr. Boon is great, very friendly and got lots of patience as an instructor, I highly recommend Boon Martial Arts .

Darla Tinderland - Dobby forever - 2019 Jan (Google review - 5 stars)

Very happy with choosing this facility!! The gym is very clean and beautiful, comfortable seating area for parents to stay and watch a class. Boon is a wonderful teacher. He is very good with my son and his other students. Friendly, great atmosphere. I hope more people choose Boon and help support a local business as they have only been opened for a short time. Next to the gym is also the Hippo Art Studio run by Boon's niece, Michelle. This is a great family venture!!!

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